Friday, August 16, 2013

WYD. Planning. Going Insane. And Being Blessed.

Remember that spy versus spy meltdown in LL Bean?  It gets worse and it gets worse fast.  We are preparing or better yet, you have blinked and missed the news report on World Youth Day.

We are heading there now.  If you reading it...we are hopefully returning home.  In any case, I will log my travel diary soon but for now just enjoy the adventures of getting there.  That's half the journey.

When I agreed to go to WYD, I really didn't anticipate the stress or the level of effort required to get to Mission.  So yeah I agreed only to be faced with a lovely invoice for my parish to the tune of over $150,000.  That's the kids I go to church with.

Needless to say God provides and we are seeing that everyday.  I watched kids hustle by selling brownies, cakes, pies, babysit, wash cars, paint, move furniture, build houses, wait tables, sell t-shirts/jewelry/calendars, and everything else under the sun to get to the Mission.

I have watched my friends plan galas, seen my confessor write a play (no joke - who knew priests had it in them), I have hustled to get baskets and other auction items to the right people, asked coworkers to buy raffle tickets, sell my possessions, all the in the name of something greater.

I chose to got to WYD not to reaffirm my vocation of marriage but to really see the tangible loaves and fishes in my life (Jesus feeding 5,000 men).  Trust me it happens and when it does it is amazing.

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