Saturday, February 2, 2013

ABCs 2013: (B/O) Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States.

He’s a man of African ancestry who happens to be president…pretty impressive. No seriously it is. I remember not giving him a second thought in 2008 and it was my dad who said that this guy has potential…for DN to say that its impressive cause he usually doesn’t care. What makes President Obama more important for history is for the following reasons: 1. He was president during active wars in two theaters and pushed for the end of both. 2. He actively sought and captured the world’s most elusive criminal (he needs a memorial in book already). 3. He is leading a country out a serious economic period. Not since the great depression, have we faced the issues that face us today. 4. He helmed the most comprehensive policy on health policy ever. While I can’t agree with 100% of his policies…I have respect the intent of the law. 5. He won a Nobel Peace Prize…without doing much to garner…it is kinda boss. What is more unique is his response to the 2010 census…he said was African American not a person of mixed heritage…which he is within his right to state. Why he choose that? I don’t know. If you must read his bio…you can find it here.

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