Saturday, September 22, 2012

Head Infestation

Thinking about the errands of banking, child pickup, and groceries all while not screaming "how can you have a lice outbreak the second week of school?"

Needless to say LB got lice. An email was sent from a parent to the school who in turn forwarded said email to the entire class. I'm sure that parent was pleased by that.

So lice. The first thing I did was stock on pesticide shampoo killer. After setting, washing, combing, restyling, and sanitizing the house and the car - we had return residents. After an afternoon of screaming at my kids to not touch anything, I was tired and fed up.

The next day, LB stayed home with AA and we tried again. When I got home we did the smothering method but first we needed to stock up on tea tree oil. At home, I Crisco-ed heads for at least two hours. Then we washed with dawn, finished a shampoo with tea tree oil, dried, and styled using blue magic.

I have been washing nonstop since it happened. Now I'm treating LB for fever and cough. Don't you love school?

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