Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lessons in Parenthood

It ain't easy.

It ain't for everyone.

I have learned that you have to go with the flow. You evolve. You grow. You learn patience. You become firm and thorough in matters great and small.

I reason this due to adventures as I like to call them. Dealing with children could make Mother Teresa run away but dealing with your own (well for most of us) progeny forces you to dig and fight.

Lessons I have learned this year:
Boys wee wands are unpredictable but mommy is a stealth diaper ninja.

When your child sounds like a baby seal, go outside for five minutes.

Always go to the hospital with the pediatric emergency room.

Also carry diapers and wipe.

Limit juice.

Double pad the bed.

Always. Always carry entertainment.

Don't be ashamed of the fact that you parent and sometimes spoil your kids by providing for them. But more often than you think, spoil yourself.

And finally...The Wiggles really are your best friends. They entertain your kids when you need a break.

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