Friday, February 27, 2015


Remember when I said that I would give you more?

Here you - I love relaxed styles from ponchos to vests to leggings.  It needs to be able to get in there when your kids are trying to kill each other in the local Giant (it happens more than you think).

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs

Oh the dreariness of winter…once it starts, it feels like it never ends.   I say that because its post President's Day and we have (hopefully) a few more weeks of snow, grey skies, chilly air, and barrenness.

I wanted to highlight the women (sorry guys - I haven't seen in male bloggers in fashion as of late) who ROCK at fashion.  Whether they create or style, they rock it and own it.  Here are my favorites by category:

Fashion Creators:
Erica Bunker - She create and styles her final products.  Follow her on Pintrest and Instagram!
Mimi G - She creates, styles, and sells her products.  She also sells out fast.

Fashion Stylers:
Capital Hill Style - for the pulse of the local fashionistas
Brighton Keller  - great for outfit styling

These sites are great for college graduates, post graduates, and interns about to inundate us all in May and June.  Take note as to what is and is not appropriate for the work place.  I will clue you into what is NOT appropriate for work:

Want to thank ABC's Selfie for those pics.  Not shame E's wardrobe (love you Karen and you will always and I mean ALWAYS BE AMELIA POND!!!!!) but No.  Don't walk out your house looking like this.  I swear if you get on metro and your lady goods are barely covered, go home, call in sick or late and put on some damn pants.   Thanks and that's from the rest of us.  Don't get me wrong you don't have look like an angry man circa 1985 either but you shouldn't show too much boob and leg.  Arms?  Eh.  Keep it in proportion. 

Personally, here are my favorite winter outfits:

For the Casual Fridays:

I will bring you some spring outfits both formal and casual soon.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tried, Tested, and still Unbroken

Unbroken: A World War II Book of Survival, Resilience, and RedemptionUnbroken: A World War II Book of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An amazing testament of perseverance and forgiveness.

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I read this book in January 2015.  I was in awe of the true spirit and faith Louis Z. exhibited in his captivity in Japan.  From being forced to eat food that was clearly spoiled, eat dirt, suffer through dysentery for two years.  Two years of the runs.  Can you imagine?  No, because we have Pepto, other pills, and doctors!  What I also learned was that although Louis left the war, it didn't leave him. He had pretty bad PTSD.  So bad that it nearly ruined his marriage.  Thankfully, his wife didn't give up on him.  It was through that fact and the invitation to have an encounter with Jesus that Louis was able to leave the war behind for good and forgive his captors including the dreaded Bird.  That man escaped the terror that he justly deserved.  He lived wealthy and in relative peace.

I am posting this because today is Ash Wednesday. While not a holy day of obligation, this serves to remind us that we are mortal. There is only definite outcome after birth and that is death. How we live our lives between these two events determines for those of the Abrahamic faiths how we spend our afterlife. Louis lived a life that for most Christians is full of faith - it is faith that allows you to survive brutality. Faith that keeps you alive when you are drained of spirit. Faith that gives you the strength to forgive your enemies and transgressors. Louis forgave men that made him eat food from feces riddled areas, refused him healthcare, and robbed him of his dignity.

Enough about that, back to the awesome Louis Z.  I leave with this:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ultimate Utilization: Meatball Sliders

It's 2015 and I'm trying to be as conscientious of all the resources that are available to me…why not start at home?  Growing up, I would abhor eating leftovers for days…by days I mean at least three, if we were lucky - two.  I used have the stomach flu at least once every two months because of bad luncheon meat, bad spaghetti, or bad milk products.

So a month ago, I made spaghetti and meatballs for the family.  Pretty easy just store bought meatballs (Target) and some homemade marinara sauce (see Fabio's.  Add spaghetti and its a meal!!!

I had extra - even with leftovers the next day and lunch.  Just not enough spaghetti for the meatballs.  Which lead me to freeze the meatballs for a couple of weeks until I could foresee a night that I need a quick easy fix for dinner.  Thank goodness for the craziness that is the federal budget process because that came two weeks later.
  1. So I sliced King Hawaiin rolls (you can use whatever you want).  

2.  While I was doing that, I reheated the meatballs on the stove - I added some crushed tomatoes and a fresh leaf of basil.

3.  Then after about ten minutes, I took one meatball to each roll.

4.  Then I roped in the Ladybug for the cheese section.  We used mozzarella, you can use whatever floats your boat.

 5.  See proof that there is in fact cheese.

6.  Then reassemble your sliders

7.  Blast them with (some) heat.  I went for the broiler for three minutes.  That was a mistake.  The tops were black.  Oh well.  No one said it had to be perfect, just edible.

Still good.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Best of Black History Month

This year, I would rather do a "greatest hits" if you will of great posts regarding Black History Month found here and elsewhere so that you get an idea why the struggle is real for us in America.

Read all the posts and articles at once or just come back throughout the month and read at your leisure.  


  1. The Real Reason Republicans have a problem with race...
  2. The Best ABC Letter of the All...
  3. On Selma - ABC's of Black History 
  4. On Selma - Motion Picture
  5. Little Rock Nine
  6. Dr. Martin Luther King
  7. Mahlia Jackson
  8. Modern Slavery 
  9. Why Tuskegee is so famous - the good and the bad
  10. Sam Cooke
  11. The Stages of What Happens When There’s Injustice Against Black People
  12. Wrapping it all Up
I gave you quite a bit to to work with.  I hope you enjoy the reading.  For me?  I have to keep on trucking.  Great things ahead.  Promise.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Being Black Enough...

Before you start…its a real thing.

I don't believe there is a standard "Black experience" just as there isn't a standard "White experience" or  "Latino American experience".  What I mean that not every African American grew up in a ghetto or had a single mother just not every White American grew up with a house, a dog, and two parents.
That is just not possible - sorry to your non American readers who have no idea about the subject - either keep up or find another post to entertain yourself with today.  

In an article published in October 2014, we found the real reason why Percy Harvin was traded away from the Seattle Seahawks…because Russell Wilson (the guy in the photo above) wasn't Black enough.  

No.  As an adult - that is not an acceptable sentence to utter from your mouth.  But alas it happened and Harvin had to move on.  
Irvin took the time to get into the situation, claiming that the thoughts of other players thinking Wilson and other African-American quarterbacks might not be “black enough” is more because of the work ethic for their position than anything else...“People have fought for the opportunity to play the position of quarterback. They have fought to try to get their opportunity to be respected as a quarterback and to get an opportunity to lead a team,” Irvin said of African-American quarterbacks. “You expect these guys to be a certain way and to hang out with you and do things with you. They can’t do that. Russell Wilson, [Robert Griffin III], Cam [Newton], all of those, they can’t go into to [strip clubs] and all of that stuff with you. They can’t do it. They can’t go make it rain when you want to make it rain...“You don’t even ask Peyton Manning or Tom Brady because you don’t expect them to hang with you,” Irvin continued. “When it is an African-American then you expect him to hang and be with you. Which I think is crazy.”
In other words, Harvin expected Wilson to hang when that is not the culture. What makes me more upset is that this "Black enough" retort hasn't changed since I was a child. I faced the similar insults from kids in middle school (which honestly is the cruelest age group ever - can we just lock away shitty little 12 year olds until they normalize at age 17?). When I told a coworker that my parents worked, had a house (actually they had owned two before the age of forty), and had nice cars, she nearly fell out. Another coworker chimed in that she went to a predominately white school in Northern Virginia and I thought I saw stars in her eyes after all that. No - I didn't judge that coworker but it helps that we got have a long, and I mean LONG, conversation about our individual life's journeys.

When I heard about Wilson, AA replied "What do you think is going to happen to your son?" and then it was relevant to me today. Both of my children are going to be regarded as magical unicorns - real but not quite (kinda like President Obama…oh don't even deny you think like that). Being part Native American and part African American, most people won't even launch into that when they meet my children but Spanish which is why I'm arming my kids young with the language.

The "Black experience" isn't a cookie cutter chapter in a story. I am sorry it isn't. We have a story to tell whether we had single parents (moms or dads), we grew up with extended family, or had two parents. The struggle isn't the same but life is still a struggle and a journey.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Bag Council

Eh…why not?

I love purses!  That goes without saying (I think you have read the name of this ain't about riding coach folks).

This blog post is valentine to all those ladies who love, who covet, who scrape to get that bag to show off.  That bag that represents all the hard work, butt busting work you do every day and this bag is your reward.  Your big girl bag, your big girl travel bag, enjoy ladies (and gents).

Bag Council by aumommadc on

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Bag Council?  I used to work in an office where the ladies would display our bags with pride.  We called it the "Bag Council".  A good bag would garner a "girl I will so steal your bag".  Considering that we all made decent bank, that never had to happen.

How to organize said bag on the regular?  

Easy Peasy...right?

 Me?  I organize my stuff similar but this way:

Catchall Bag from Truffle
Change and simple stuff in a slim pouch from Truffle

If need be, I can put simple stuff in my pouch and keep it moving if we need to be mobile with the kids. Feel free to share your bags in the comment section below.