Monday, October 12, 2015

Book review on school politics.

Big Little LiesBig Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! A page turner! Let me warn you now. IF you are invoked with PTO politics, wait until summer to read this book.

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

That time when I was working and chilling with Pope Francis

No not really! 

You may have heard that Pope Francis was in the states.  If you not, I worry that you were living in a hut in Idaho or under a rock.  In any case, we had a blast watching him bless babies and kids.  I would tell you to view the following if you haven't:
  1. His address to Congress (thanks NY Times)
  2. Blessing kids during Papal Parade in DC (thanks CNN)
  3. This unplanned moment upon his arrival in Philadelphia (thanks NBC News)
Which brings me so much joy to watch it all.  Until I heard that a civil servant who refuses to do her job or find alternatives to do her job decided to tack on an additional 2 minutes to her 14:59 allotment.   By saying that the Pope validated her refusal to do her job, she stole the joy of millions who watched the Pope's visit. 

So people were pissed.  And rightly so.  I am so skeptical of this woman it's not funny.  I don't doubt that a bishop or cardinal arranged the meeting but I really doubted that Pope Francis wanted to wade into our politics especially if he didn't mention the following directly:  immigration (he said welcome strangers but didn't chide anyone), racial politics, abortion, gay rights, gay family rights, and just about everything else that divides our country.  Don't get me wrong, he studied these issues considering his visit and the fact that the reason for his visit was to celebrate Christian family life.   He just did not comment on them. 

So I encourage you to read the following articles:
I may have already mentioned within a month of his election as Pontiff that things were going to significantly change.  With that said, we already know that while the Pope understands human empathy and encourages Christians to love everyone (NOT JUST THOSE WHO FIT INTO OUR BUCKETS), he still the leader of the Catholic Church which is an organization that promotes family life, life from conception to its end, and compassion.  I was speaking with a friend from graduate school and I draw a line that allows me to practice my faith but still uphold the ethical standards that is required of being a public servant.  You can be a good employee and good Christian all at the same time.  I know ....NOVEL IDEA. 

I think people used his kindness to put forward their own agendas which is so wrong.  There are so many things in play from Vatican Diplomats throwing shade at the pontiff (see bullet #3 above) to an Evangelical Christian (who for the most part as a group don't like Catholics) who knows no limit of what is and is not appropriate for a public servant.  Yeah - good luck on that you horrible people. 

Monday, October 5, 2015


This summer let me tell you...

  1. We are fully immersed in a new school!  Yeah!  I think.  We have already had three lice scares and a pink eye scare.  Fun.  I have been hustling since returning from Paris to make sure that we have uniforms, fees, forms, and every other thing known to man to get my children ready for their school start days.
  2. Speaking of kids, we are having another one!   Due to arrive in February, I am dealing with this thing called pregnancy again.  Yeah, like baby #2 - I don't plan to post it much of anywhere.  Just keep things moving folks.
  3. Planning here Coach Land is epic!  From meetings at work, meetings at school, house projects, planning monthly menus (oh its a thing.  I wish it wasn't but it is a thing), and church.  My life is fast paced.  I keep up with planners, phones, and well taking a deep breath every day (sometimes several times a day).
  4.  Vacations - we are planning a few but with item #2, it has been more future planned than anything.  You really can't do much when you're pregnant, you feel like you do everything, and you're tired.  
So that is life here in Coach Land in a nutshell.  Other than items #1 and #2, I will be focusing on books, hair products, travel, and other issues in the coming weeks and month.

Let's go.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A new school and a new year

Back from Summer Vacation!

I am kinda glad that I took some time off - let me focus on some stuff in other areas in my life.  In any case, we are back in the swing of things with a new school for both The Fricker and Ladybug.  With a new school means a new culture to adjust to.  That also means loads of patience which I don't have anymore.  When learning new cultures, you always seem behind the curve from milk and pizza sales, to  socials, and uniforms (me and a coworker do a daily lamenting on the ups and downs of fighting for uniforms this year).

Hopefully we will get our acts together by Christmas (which is when I have to re-register the kids into next school - no really).

Wish us luck.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Anniversary Time

It has been seven years.  Seven.  Some years went by in the blink of an eye while others would never end.  Luckily, the act of being married has not been a drain.  

From living the single life to married with kids, we have a blast or attempt to smile through the pain.  In the years following our wedding, we have learned to communicate more, communicate more effectively, and strategize problems better.  Can't call it perfect but then again, its my reality so it works for me.

Here's to many many more years.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Bad Engines…a review of Icelandair Customer Service and Vayama

So in planning my Paris trip, I did some extensive research on flights.  I started with the big dogs - Air France and Delta.  Expensive as each seat was $1700 roundtrip.  Then I started looking into budget air travel.  I came across Icelandair.   

They have a reputation of being low cost and budget international travel trying to make headway into the US market because unvacationned (its a word to me) Americans want to see Iceland in their pursuit of all things European.

Anyhoo, we booked on Icelandair (two tickets with them was like one ticket with AirFrance).  We booked through a low cost budget travel engine Vayama which we found through Kayak.  I regret all of the previous actions because they were serious mistakes.

When talking to IA, you couldn't upgrade through a third party (i.e. Vayama).  We had these exchanges a couple times through twitter in the year leading up to travel.   Every time they were like:

Cut to ten days before travel and I get an ominous email stating the following:

Dear passenger, please note your upcoming flight on Icelandair could be influenced by a potential employee strike at Keflavik Airport from May 31-June 1, 2015.
Currently your flights will depart as scheduled. If you wish to change your upcoming reservation to another date, or cancel with full refund, please contact Icelandair. Thank you for your patience as we await further news and information to share with you.

Yeah I was like this at first:

Needless to say I called IA and Vayama to see what was up.  Vayama was  "we haven't been told of strike" and IA was like "we aren't striking".  To both I say:

It just make you want to drop from all the drama.

But then I got my game face on

 Between not getting emails, not reading reservation notes, not doing their due diligence, I can honestly not recommend any of these companies to your good service and money.  While I felt like was being bandied about, I was trying keep myself together.  I am sure my calls will make great training material in years ahead for Vayama (use my voice, you pay me).

We all work hard.  I am diligent and determined which in this instance, I refused...REFUSED to be taken in by people who literally couldn't read to the end of screen or a company who couldn't just take over the reservations.  I feel bad about labor disputes because clearly someone is not getting heard but not make a true mass notification is just bad business.  To leave thousands without travel plans is wrong.

Lesson learned.  Take note.  Don't need your crap.