Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Mother of Dragons

Yep that how I see myself - instead of fire breathing demons, I have massive pooping children and a husband who rather watch ETWN.

Needless to say, 66% of my dragons better get going and go off to preschool.  My kids are now fully enrolled and fully ensconced in school.  I really didn't discuss Lady Bug's experience last year as the school she attends decided to close the K-8 component and focus on Preschool (more money).  I was onboard until I found out that this year, there would be no Catholic rate.  Yeah I am not happy about that.  

So here we are, start of September and in our first (The Fricker) and last year (The Lady Bug) in preschool.  Pray for my babies.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Labor Day

Is it really a thing? Whatever, it's a day away from work. Here in Coach Land, we are busy getting ready for school:

Pancakes -

I use this recipe. It is absolute amazing but use buttermilk. Which I will be using like a fiend this weekend.

In addition to pancakes, I'm also doing biscuits. This I will be making with bacon, eggs, and potatoes.

Sound good? Sound like you want to hang out? Alas, I will be reading -

JoJo is like literary crack! Loved these books and expect reviews shortly.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Family Day...25th Anniversary Style

Happy Family Day to my parents and siblings!!!

What is family day you ask?

It is only the single best day on earth (for me at least).  It was the day my parents brought my sister home from foster care and she became a permanent part of our family.  So I should bring myself back to the beginning - 1989, mom and dad voted to adopt baby #3.  So skip ahead to August 1989 and we are bringing a screaming kid with green poop home to our apartment in K-Town.

I remember asking my dad if we could take her back as she wasn't normal (really green poop).  He said no and that was that.  We were stuck with her.  In the interim, she grew into a cool kid (a smartass but a cool kid).  And now that cool kid is married and a teacher - spreading the good values we learned (some of which is shared below) to the youth of America.

Between 1989 and now, my brother, sister, and myself have learned the following:

  1. Mom can give life.  She can also take it away
  2. Dad can give life but he is still not as scary as mom.  
  3. Dad is a crazy mofo.
  4. Clean dishes can be a life or death situation.
  5. When mom says "get ready for church" what she really is saying "get dressed, don't give me trouble, and be ready in like 15 minutes".
  6. Eating out is a luxury not a right.  Hell, eating in general, is a luxury.
  7. Don't eat dad's ice cream, drink his sodas, or anything that looks exotic and out of the ordinary.
  8. The house is only a mess when mom says so.
  9. When your dad buys three chainsaws, its not mania as much as he just can't get the job cutting a pine tree.
  10. When Santa doesn't feel like visiting, its not cause you were bad as much as Santa didn't feel like getting their azzes up to set up Christmas.  

Happy Family Day!

Monday, August 18, 2014


This weekend we celebrated our sixth anniversary.  Six years together.  Six years of trials, achievements, laughter and tears.  Oh yeah...and two kids and one house...

From a demanding little girl who would never sleep when you want her and the little boy who is one part sweetheart, one part demon - Attractive Al and I have been on a great ride.  

Me and Ladybug on our monthly lunch date (April 2014).  It was during these lunch dates that I learned how groundhogs come up out the ground...no kidding.  He goes in and then out...and again.  Yeah I don't want to lose this tradition - spending time with my kids.  

Watching AA and The Fricker walk on Hilton Head (June 2014).  Love these moments.

We have blast from our dinner dates (more like burgers, alcohol, and a movie...but it works for us) to our wacky conversations on everything between movies, race, politics, and sex (you have to be there).  I really didn't do a Father's Day Post this year well because FD last year was such a freaking bust (extraneous family cause shit that really isn't necessary)  - I'm still thanking the Sweet Lord for her not showing up at my sister's wedding.  What I want to say is that I'm blessed with the fact that my husband is my children's hero.  I love the fact that they wait at the window when he arrives home or do a running jump into his arms whenever they get the chance.  Yeah - we don't have an Ozzie and Harriet family (hey neither did Ozzie and Harriet) but what we have works.  Especially when life is always at breakneck speed.  In being their hero, he is mine.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Difficulty of Catholic Education

In January, we received word that our parish was closing its school.  It was a deafening blow as I was really hoping that we could send Ladybug and the Fricker there until 8th grade.  It closed due to low enrollment and was transforming itself into an early childhood center (at least it wasn't a complete devastation).

Needless to say we were inundated with letters from neighboring schools saying that they were open for new students while other schools were not so accommodating (one school raised its application to ensure that the unwanted students stayed out).1  We prayed on the issue and decided that the central school of the diocese will be our new home in about a year.  Meanwhile, we are hedging our bets with the new early childhood education center(2).

With that decision in mind, we kept going until my husband informed me that the Pastor of our Parish   and the CEO who pulled the plug on the school - the Parish was subsidizing the school and couldn't keep doing it if they were to stay afloat - was basically fired from the Parish and "reassigned" to a small Parish in rural Virginia.  I get where the Pastor was coming from but I don't get the backstabbing that occurred post school closing.  I'm sorry but I am disappointed with my fellow parishioners and school parents.  Not only has the school closed but now the Parish has been thrown into turmoil because people were still salty about the situation only to create a greater crisis - people are leaving by the dozens because the new leadership doesn't fit into the suburban Catholic parish mold of smile and nod - doesn't work with this new guy.  Now I just have to sit and watch and see we are forced to land.

Pray for us.

1) I don't deal with trifling people or businesses to don't worry we don't want to be part of your exclusivity anyway.
2)  Until I got the annual tuition invoice and my children, despite be Catholics with Catholic parents, don't get a discount...say what???

Thursday, July 24, 2014

To my sister...

Bank…well now Teach.

Look at you!  All grown up.  Here all the things I want to say to you but can't (at least not in front of our relatives) about marriage:

  • Duh its hard.  You married your counterpart, your half.  There will be days when you want strangle your spouse because he left underwear and towels on the floor, dishes and the sink and he didn't go to work therefore he could have washed dishes and did the laundry.
  • Its fun.  Duh, you married your counterpart, your other half.  There are days where you want do the very opposite. 1/
  • Don't tell people your marital business.  Its your marriage, the moment you let someone else in…things go south.  Somethings are better left unsaid.  
  • You're busy.  But not busy you can't text, pick up a damn phone, or plan a trip with your mom and sister.  3/  
  • You'll need your "alone" time.  Sounds selfish?  Nope.  Being around someone who is your counterpart is EXHAUSTING.  Give yourself time to go grocery shopping, a Target run, buying a book…something.  But give yourself a "couple break".
  • You still need to date.  No really.  Just because you are married doesn't preclude you from a night on the town 2/.  From a movie night to dinner - plan something fun for each and with each other.
  • Laugh.  Self explanatory
  • Laugh harder.  Especially when you're facing tests, trials, and tribulations.  
  • Pray together.
  • Pray for each other.
Yep that's about it.  Keep it moving.  Have a blast!

1/  See I left it blank, you fill in whatever.
2/  Not just on your anniversary…
3/  Essence, Spa Weekend

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bruno Mars

How do I explain Bruno Mars….I LOVE This man!  Yep Done.   Not on my hump island but just the same, he makes partying fun!

After seeing that, I was definitely on it for a second leg of his Moonlight Jungle Tour!  The NEXT day after this half time show, I was on Ticketmaster finding tickets in Bristow also known as Jiffy Lube Live!  After hearing my husband talk about buying tickets in the pavilion and Premier parking, I found Section 100 seats and yes premier parking…when the man counteroffers like that, you have to hop on it.

After putting in a six hour day and a very major hurdle (our car lights were out…thank God for Sears), Attractive Al and I had dinner at Elevation Burger (a post on that soon) and gearing up for a dance party for the ages (at least for me).  Tip:  Leave early.  Leave early.  Its one lane roads to JLL.  We got to our space with seconds to spare to see Aloe Blacc.  AMAZING.  Here is AB working his stuff at another concert -

We were so close that we could see the stage without obstruction AND next to the sound engineers.  During AB's set, we got to see his family rocking out.  Kinda fun.

After the opening act, getting more alcohol, and seeing the top of AB's head as he signed merchandise, we were ready for the Main Event which included the following songs:

Drum Solo - on lift

All of them amazing and the Encores!  Well hell, here you go (also from another concert) and yes when  it happened Friday night, all hell broke loose.

People were scooping up glitter as we left.  He doesn't disappoint even my skeptical "I think the 90s had better tunes" of a husband thought it was good.

So enjoy ladies and gents…enjoy!