Thursday, July 24, 2014

To my sister...

Bank…well now Teach.

Look at you!  All grown up.  Here all the things I want to say to you but can't (at least not in front of our relatives) about marriage:

  • Duh its hard.  You married your counterpart, your half.  There will be days when you want strangle your spouse because he left underwear and towels on the floor, dishes and the sink and he didn't go to work therefore he could have washed dishes and did the laundry.
  • Its fun.  Duh, you married your counterpart, your other half.  There are days where you want do the very opposite. 1/
  • Don't tell people your marital business.  Its your marriage, the moment you let someone else in…things go south.  Somethings are better left unsaid.  
  • You're busy.  But not busy you can't text, pick up a damn phone, or plan a trip with your mom and sister.  3/  
  • You'll need your "alone" time.  Sounds selfish?  Nope.  Being around someone who is your counterpart is EXHAUSTING.  Give yourself time to go grocery shopping, a Target run, buying a book…something.  But give yourself a "couple break".
  • You still need to date.  No really.  Just because you are married doesn't preclude you from a night on the town 2/.  From a movie night to dinner - plan something fun for each and with each other.
  • Laugh.  Self explanatory
  • Laugh harder.  Especially when you're facing tests, trials, and tribulations.  
  • Pray together.
  • Pray for each other.
Yep that's about it.  Keep it moving.  Have a blast!

1/  See I left it blank, you fill in whatever.
2/  Not just on your anniversary…
3/  Essence, Spa Weekend

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bruno Mars

How do I explain Bruno Mars….I LOVE This man!  Yep Done.   Not on my hump island but just the same, he makes partying fun!

After seeing that, I was definitely on it for a second leg of his Moonlight Jungle Tour!  The NEXT day after this half time show, I was on Ticketmaster finding tickets in Bristow also known as Jiffy Lube Live!  After hearing my husband talk about buying tickets in the pavilion and Premier parking, I found Section 100 seats and yes premier parking…when the man counteroffers like that, you have to hop on it.

After putting in a six hour day and a very major hurdle (our car lights were out…thank God for Sears), Attractive Al and I had dinner at Elevation Burger (a post on that soon) and gearing up for a dance party for the ages (at least for me).  Tip:  Leave early.  Leave early.  Its one lane roads to JLL.  We got to our space with seconds to spare to see Aloe Blacc.  AMAZING.  Here is AB working his stuff at another concert -

We were so close that we could see the stage without obstruction AND next to the sound engineers.  During AB's set, we got to see his family rocking out.  Kinda fun.

After the opening act, getting more alcohol, and seeing the top of AB's head as he signed merchandise, we were ready for the Main Event which included the following songs:

Drum Solo - on lift

All of them amazing and the Encores!  Well hell, here you go (also from another concert) and yes when  it happened Friday night, all hell broke loose.

People were scooping up glitter as we left.  He doesn't disappoint even my skeptical "I think the 90s had better tunes" of a husband thought it was good.

So enjoy ladies and gents…enjoy!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Beach Vacay!!!

What is a beach vacation without the beach?  A craptastic one.

And here we are…

So much fun!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday America

Best country in the world and its mine.  Love ya and all those who you home!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Beach Vacay!!! Savannah

The only reason I'm here….

Yep, fun and hot, and humid, and damn oppressive, much like DC.  I have been to Savannah three times in my life:

  1. Once because the Government trained me for a month and I got a weekend pass to the city.  I was bored sitting in my hotel like dorm room and was glad to get out.  I took a trolley around the city, walked the river walk, did the local market, and hit target.  Not bad.
  2. My dad was bored the first time we were in Hilton Head and AA was sick from either sun poisoning or dehydration…probably the latter.  We didn't stay long.
  3. My mother in law heard that Savannah was 30 minutes away from HHI.  I didn't have a choice.

I have never really wanted to be here.  Wow.  Well I'm here now and we are making the most of it.  

We booked our trolley tickets online using a deal and parked in the Trolley headquarters (free!  Hello deals).  Based upon visit #2, I just saved at least $10 in parking.  I used my consolidated baby bag (really a VB Messenger bag) and had Sam's emergency meds, pull-ups; portable toilet seats; change of clothes; and a home made ouch pouch.  That, along with a stroller, AA and I were battle ready for the day.  

After parking and a bathroom break, we boarded the trolley for a leisurely day through the City by the Sea.  We were able to hop on and off and walk around the squares that my MIL wanted to look at further.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beach Vacay!!! The Drive to HHI

After planning and packing…its time to drive!

I forced my ENTIRE family to pack and have bags by the door - seriously.  With preschoolers and my FIL, I know we are going to stop…more than a human should endure.  So weekenders lined my hallway next to my door:.

I also made this ENTIRE family get up at the azz crack of dawn.  I live in Northern Virginia, if you don't leave before 6 am via car, you won't be leaving.  Last year, upon arriving home from Sao Paulo, I hightailed to pick my kids in Charlotte, NC in rush hour traffic.  I spend 4 hours in traffic between DC and Richmond.  Four hours.  It takes two and half between these cities.  So we leave early.

We picked up breakfast along the way - via Chick Fil A.  From Richmond, its a pretty straight ride out of VA.  From there, our big hurdles are traveling north to south through North and South Carolina.  Not to mention the numerous "South of the Border" signs.

Finally!!!  After stops, eating, crying, and not being able to hear my audio book,  we arrived.  I got the family all situated in the condo before AA and I headed over to Walmart for supplies.  Then, we got pizza (cause I am not cooking).

Now…a walk on the beach and sleep.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beach Vacay!!! Packing

In planning, I decided not to bombard you with packing because let's face it - packing or as my husband does it - putting shit in a bag - can be daunting.   Luckily where we are going, there are Walmarts and Outlets.

For the kids, I focused on shorts and shirts - six pairs of each (remember we are on the beach most of the day).  Just easy to put on and pull off.  Two pairs of swimsuits apiece and we are good to go.  With the Fricker, we are still potty training so I know laundry will be a thing down there.

*I don't pack for Attractive Al*.

For me, I focused on the following:

Dresses - two (one for Savannah); one for whatever
skirt - two grey via Old Navy
casual shorts - two (blue and khaki via Old Navy)
shirts - four casual (white sleeveless, one blue sweater, one oxford, one denim); lots of wife beaters
athletic shorts and yoga shirts
swim suit - one
cover ups - one via Victoria Secret's (if you want a good laugh, you should read this by Scary Mommy…so true)

And what prey tell will I be tossing my fares in?  Why this of course:

I am slowing being taking over by Lo and Sons (not a sponsored post but I will be happy to write one…hint hint).

I will get following at Walmart:

  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • aloe vera
  • shampoo
  • lotion
  • conditioner
  • pull ups for the kids
  • groceries