Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March Faves and Raves

March 2015 Faves and Raves

Where has my mind been?  It's April 15 and no post on my favorites?  Yeah, sorry about that.  Taxes, work, birthdays, happens.

Let me leave you with the following for April:

1)  Kindle - with my love of books, this is probably the best way to have 2 of the 3 ways I read books - digital and audio.

2)  Cuyana Travel Set - I love the larger one for my glasses, scarf, and other items I use inflight/in transit.  While the smaller pouch is used for my purse with a charger, stylus, pen, and other mobile momma needs.

3)  My Land's End Flouncy Dress is amazing!!!  It was my Easter outfit this year.

Easter Mass 2015

Lands End black skater skirt / J Crew flannel blazer / Call it SPRING pumps / Henri Bendel pearl stud earrings / Green necklace

I had to be mobile because I was the heavy lifter on the Brunch and other

4)Yoobi - its bright and colorful and I can get it in Target.

5)Books I'm Reading: b Americanah, The Charlemagne Pursuit, and Three Daughters

6)  Watch - its a conversation piece. (its the best Peggy Olsen gif I could find today)

7)  Shoes...let's talk.  Its the last thing think about but most critical for my comfort.  I am feeling chucks and quilted slips ons.

Alright.  I have given you all plenty to investigate.  Enjoy the rest of your April!

Friday, April 10, 2015

My love for Cuyana

It goes without no surprise that I love accessories!  I mean love.   From purses to sweaters, to the bling...its all for me.  Love it.  As I get older, I realize that my personal resources are finite (those tax havens are expensive).  Which is why I found quality products that will last forever.  I am in love with the idea of simplicity in daily life from my uniform:

Black Denim and Military Style

Black Denim and Military Style by aumommadc featuring tortoise watches

Keeps life easy when I know that this always ready for me whether at the office or in travel.  Plus Guyana has a give back/credit forward program which for every box donation (box being key) you get $10 in product credit.  I think at one time it was every piece but now it is every box sent back to them.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

We are back at it.  Building up Activities for the kids in 2015.  Here is what we have thus far:

  • Zoo - Hello easy entertainment plus the kids love pandas.  Great afternoon walking around the National Zoo.
  • Water Park - Again an easy day of lazing by a pool with the kids.  
  • Pool and Swim Lessons - we have a pool in our community and the kids will be on the swim team and by that I mean they will be learning to swim together.
  • Beach Weekend - All my children discuss
  • Minion Movie - all Ladybug talks about second to the beach weekend
Let's go Summer 2015. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter 2015...Reflections on Inner Demons


The party begins and reflection ends.  For me, Lent 2015 really was a bummer.  I didn't really accomplish anything.  I didn't fast.  I didn't try.  I didn't want to.  I just felt dry.  That this part of my journey was long, overbearing, and God wasn't listening or just didn't care. 

Awful I know.  

Little faith well.  I know.

No said being a Christian was easy.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Morning Rush

Eh?  Why not show you my regular work style.  I work for an agency that caters to America and the American west…I'll let you figure that puzzle out.  In any case, I try to maintain a casualness to my work style.  Don't be scandalized if you see me in yoga capris, a tunic, and ballet flats.  My normal place of operations is at my desk reviewing allocations, planning for big meetings with field staff, and keeping the division chief from inundating me and others with worrisome issues (sometimes I fail).  I want to be comfortable while I'm working hard.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Wear

Okay - remember when I said "We don't want to see your goods" - well I'm still on that.  Don't show us.  We don't need to know or see all that you can offer like that… ever.

Let's keep it classy:
black and cream

Yellow/Black/Grey Mix

All Saint's Day Mass

Fall Mass

On the casual front:
Back to Work

Carefree Friday

What I find helpful is finding a muse - someone who is relatable and has a fashion style you admire.  Whether it is Audrey, Katherine, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Kerry, Olivia, Sarah Jessica, these fashion queens can help you navigate being fashionable and cost conscious.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Summer Entertainment

Every year, the blockbuster season comes earlier and earlier.  In 2015, it seems to be occurring in March - right around Spring Break time for some of us.

So here are my contenders for my summer movie list:

  • Cinderella - Come on.  Dude from Game of Thrones and Girls from Downtown Abbey.  Helena Bonham Carter sans Johnny Depp and Tim Burton - or in a better light like when we saw her in "The King's Speech".  I'm there.

  • Fast 7 - so out of pure respect to Paul Walker, I am in.  Vin coming back was the only reason I watch because that man was my crush in college.  

  • Avengers 2 - loved the first one.  Loki may or may not be back.  This sets up the Civil War that is coming between Captain American and Iron Man.  Basically it is the darkest period of the Marvel Universe.  

  • Pitch Perfect 2 - Yes.  All yes.  Plus Elizabeth Banks is directing so it is about to be epic in this mug.  If you haven't seen "Walk of Shame" you are missing some comedic gold.  

  • Jurassic World - of course I am going.  Jurassic Park was my first block buster.  I was eleven and my mom took us to see it opening weekend.  Granted she took a nap (I don't know how but she did) but me and the siblings had a blast.

  • Magic Mike XXL - more so than Fifty Shades, which I guess I will rent, I am in for this movie.  Why?  Because grown men gyrating for the pleasure of women and men is amazing and funny.  Plus I don't have to make it rain (I would rather not).  

  • Minions - the only way to make my kids enjoy the summer.

There are other movies post the July 4 holiday and I'm sure I will have my hands full.  But these are my top films.